Press releases are one of the many existing tools to boost your SEO.This article is not a guide to know how to use them, but rather a reflection that I would like to share with you (and by the way have your opinion) to optimize its visibility with press releases.

Everyone knows, a well-positioned site is based on a good combination of content and links.

The list could still go on for a long time, but that’s not the subject. Our question is how do you use press release sites (or if you use them or not)? The use of the high PR backlinks is important here.

Choose your press release site?

There, we confess that we already begin to have a hard time, between the sites of generalist CP, specialized, recent, old. You rely on what to choose a site of press release how being relevant for the creation of link?

For the part, we make a mix of these criteria:

  • The pagerank of the reception
  • The hierarchy of the site:
  • number of articles on the reception and on the category pages

A clear menu

  • Not too many categories or too many tags
  • Non-duplicated articles (I test one or two on the homepage often)
  • Seniority (but I do not do it every time)
  • The graphic charter (purely subjective criterion will you say to me)

Presence of nofollow and other redirections to the con

And I’m very curious about how you choose your CP sites, especially when you know the time it takes to write without spinning software.

Write your press release

We are not going to reinvent the wheel, and that’s also the aspect where you ask yourself the least questions. you will therefore address it in a rather succinct way.

For you, a good press release must have several qualities:

  • Unique content
  • A sufficiently long press (at least 750 characters in my opinion)
  • Relevant content for the visitor
  • Some links with beautiful anchors
  • Content that includes the keywords you are targeting
  • A hierarchy of content

In short, nothing more or less than content published on your own site. If you have other ideas / methods for writing, I’m interested.

Boost its content after publication?

This is the point that caught my attention, and that pushed me to write this article: imagine that I publish today a press release on a site, and that it is validated in the following days. What are you doing next?

In asking this question, we want to say, will you try to get this press release back into the engines as well, creating a new link to it? Is it worth it? Does this really give more weight to the content and links contained in the CP?

You will be getting the best dealings here now.

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Although nearly a third of 2018, it has brought with it a lot of interesting and already mandatory for people who think themselves to be professionals in the field of web design, trends. You can see the most important and interesting among them below and set up your watch. In case something is avoided, it is time to catch up because you know well that everything that is web is rapidly changing, developing, replacing and progressing at full speed. Here are the web design trends that you should not forget this year:

HD images or nothing

As they say, the war as a war, and in the Internet business, everything is a huge fight against competition. Therefore, if you intend to take pictures, kill them from the head to be of low quality. Good resolution is a must. Otherwise you will look frivolous. By the way, it is not inappropriate to strip your web design from images or at least many of them. This is a kind of originality, and it is sometimes better than cheap, blurry and not depicting anything very important images. With the Affordable Web Design Companies you can hope to have the best available.

The 80s returned Nerdy Vintage style

If you’re wondering what exactly we’re talking about, it’s all about what you think of as a bulky computer, a huge phone, and all the cartoons of modern, ultra-slim devices that we hold in our pocket or office. What’s more, the 2016 backed up with the powerful textures and textures, even the intergalactic backgrounds and cosmic gadgets!

Flat design 2.0 rowing

Massively, the big players on the market are switching to this design, and it is minimalistic enough, therefore simple and easy to build, and for beginners. Unique in it is that it is perfectly organized and very stylish. Therefore, even if you do not have much of a concept of digital marketing and copying, you will not confuse anything in the overall advertising strategy and the message of your site through your web design.

Enter the film with a movie

Videos are a powerful weapon in web design this year. Aside from having to focus the attention of users on their main message on the video site, it’s good to think about the concept of making your entire site a great video, a movie. This, of course, is a job for professionals, but why not try and you do it. After all, it’s all a matter of experience, and that’s a good opportunity to try.

Well, what do you say? Though only three, these new web design trends would definitely refresh your site or give you direction for your next project, whether it is a blog, a corporate page or whatever you think.


Keywords are an important SEO tool which influence how visible a website is.  There is no point in designing a site if the right customer base is not being targeted – keywords have to match terms a potential customer might think of using to find specific products and services. Talk to the LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix professionals to get started.

Tips on choosing and organizing keywords:

  • Think like the customer: Even those who work for websites are customers for some product or service and they have the best insights to picking keywords. Try to think of specific business categories and phrases that are commonly used in that category.  This process makes it easy to come up with terms and phrases that customers are likely to use when searching.
  • Selecting general or very specific keywords based on goals: If a company wants to get maximum returns for their investment, then it makes sense to pick specific keywords which relate directly to a theme.  Specific keywords would mean that information will pop up for specific business terms.  General keywords help a company to reach a wider audience – testing with both will give a company an idea of how to get better results.  Avoid having duplicate keywords as far as possible as it will restrict a company’s chance to advertise based on keywords.
  • Grouping keywords into themes: Make sure to group them into themes based on products and services to avoid getting irrelevant information in a search.
  • Picking correct number of keywords: A majority of advertisers find that between 5 – 20 keywords per group of advertisements works the best.  It is okay to have more than 20 but they have to relate directly to a particular theme.  Variations like plurals and misspelled words can be left out.  It has been proven time and again that a few well targeted keywords will do their job well.

Other Tips to keep in mind:

There are quite a few tools available to designers and writers for choosing SEO oriented keywords. Learn from the LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix professional experts. The keyword planner is a great tool which can be used to not only find but also choose the most appropriate keywords. Negative keywords can also be used to boost the click through rate.  The search terms report is a useful tool which has helped many to improve on their existing keyword lists.  Keyword matches can be used to control the visibility of advertisements.  Another tip to keep in mind is to choose keywords that customers are likely to visit.

Search engine optimization helps in creating opportunities for the business. The business may be small or big the chances are sane. The ranking will not have any impact with the size of the business. Small businesses can compete with dominant players in target keywords spaces. Small businesses require certain features such as time, resources and technical knowledge for framing advanced SEO strategy. Small businesses will have the ability to build their own SEO to have the benefits for their future. The process involved in building SEO can be clearly deciphered through Scottsdale SEO.

The foundation of the SEO will help to attain benefits for the business. To have the effective SEO foundation to frame the strategy steps are involved and needs to be followed to see the merits of the business in the long run.

Set goals for SEO:  The goals set for the company and marketing strategy will help to structure the SEO strategy. By having better understanding of the goals will help you to build strong and effective SEO. Scottsdale SEO helps the business to decide what actually is required for the business. This will be a great help for crafting strong and effective SEO.  Planning must be framed to accomplish the goals on setting up SEO. This might be to increase the online conversions, web traffic and exposure. Many businesses focus on increasing traffic and brand recognition with the help of SEO.

Match the goals with SEO services:  Decision should be made on the services of SEO keeping goals of the company in mind. It is always better to research on the services of SEO for meeting the needs of the goals. Investing on the resources of the SEO later on will be great use. There are on site and off site services offered by SEO to accomplish the goals. They are head tags, Meta information, web design and blogging. Link building, social media marketing and content marketing are included in off site services of SEO.

Identify the best resources: There are varieties of resources available for SEO services. Expert SEO agencies and in house staff are the better examples for the SEO resources. Even though in house staff is valuable resources and are familiar in digital marketing. They are mainly used as external optimization services apart from helping site’s SEO. The main drawback of the small business is they lack in house talent. Understanding current search trends are essential before crafting SEO strategy. Examine the resources available and make sure things are prioritized. For the purpose of general marketing in house capabilities can be used. The main thing that to be noted is the website must be mobile friendly. Most of the searches are done using the mobiles compared to desktops.