In organizing and planning, the BPM (Business Process Management) software, or Management Business Process automates workflows part of the company business in order to maximize productivity. Methodological standards such as the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) facilitate understanding of interactions in the enterprise that do not require human intervention and that can be automated.

Guides on Business Process Management

Business Process Management is essential for the proper functioning and development of a company’s business.

Through the Business Process Management guide, discover how Business Process Management software enables small businesses to optimize their organization and planning. Selecting, comparing, discovering or consulting on Business Process Management solutions, they share the expertise to guide you in choosing the right tool for your business and your needs. You can make a visit to to learn more about it.

Support, Training and Strategy in Business Process Management

Owning Business Process Management software is essential to improve the performance of a company. In matters of organization and planning, however, to take full advantage of all the possibilities of your Business Process Management solution, find in the support section and training in Business Process Management all the advices, best practices and tips, on Organization and planning as well as alternatives and tutorials on the use of Business Process Management software.

Notions and definition in Business Process Management

A good command of Business Process Management requires good knowledge of the subject.

Definition, why, how, for whom, find in this section all the notions around Business Process Management. Also discover all the features, advantages and disadvantages of Business Process Management software in order to establish the criteria adapted to your company for the choice of a solution.

The commercial management refers to the unified management of all sales processes as: quotes, billing, accounts receivable and vendor management. The commercial management software is an organization and planning tool at the heart of the company’s activity straddling the customer relationship and operations.

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Guides on Commercial Management

Managing a business well necessarily means good business management. Which business management software should you choose for your business? Discover the essential criteria to be taken into account for the choice of a solution in line with the specific needs of your company in the business management advice section.

A centralized knowledge base helps to reduce training time, eliminating the need to memorize information and seek answers from multiple sources. It can also reduce the learning curve of service desk and enterprise jargon, which often hinders effective search responses (by allowing the definition of specific terms in a customizable glossary).