Keywords are an important SEO tool which influence how visible a website is.  There is no point in designing a site if the right customer base is not being targeted – keywords have to match terms a potential customer might think of using to find specific products and services. Talk to the LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix professionals to get started.

Tips on choosing and organizing keywords:

  • Think like the customer: Even those who work for websites are customers for some product or service and they have the best insights to picking keywords. Try to think of specific business categories and phrases that are commonly used in that category.  This process makes it easy to come up with terms and phrases that customers are likely to use when searching.
  • Selecting general or very specific keywords based on goals: If a company wants to get maximum returns for their investment, then it makes sense to pick specific keywords which relate directly to a theme.  Specific keywords would mean that information will pop up for specific business terms.  General keywords help a company to reach a wider audience – testing with both will give a company an idea of how to get better results.  Avoid having duplicate keywords as far as possible as it will restrict a company’s chance to advertise based on keywords.
  • Grouping keywords into themes: Make sure to group them into themes based on products and services to avoid getting irrelevant information in a search.
  • Picking correct number of keywords: A majority of advertisers find that between 5 – 20 keywords per group of advertisements works the best.  It is okay to have more than 20 but they have to relate directly to a particular theme.  Variations like plurals and misspelled words can be left out.  It has been proven time and again that a few well targeted keywords will do their job well.

Other Tips to keep in mind:

There are quite a few tools available to designers and writers for choosing SEO oriented keywords. Learn from the LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix professional experts. The keyword planner is a great tool which can be used to not only find but also choose the most appropriate keywords. Negative keywords can also be used to boost the click through rate.  The search terms report is a useful tool which has helped many to improve on their existing keyword lists.  Keyword matches can be used to control the visibility of advertisements.  Another tip to keep in mind is to choose keywords that customers are likely to visit.