Press releases are one of the many existing tools to boost your SEO.This article is not a guide to know how to use them, but rather a reflection that I would like to share with you (and by the way have your opinion) to optimize its visibility with press releases.

Everyone knows, a well-positioned site is based on a good combination of content and links.

The list could still go on for a long time, but that’s not the subject. Our question is how do you use press release sites (or if you use them or not)? The use of the high PR backlinks is important here.

Choose your press release site?

There, we confess that we already begin to have a hard time, between the sites of generalist CP, specialized, recent, old. You rely on what to choose a site of press release how being relevant for the creation of link?

For the part, we make a mix of these criteria:

  • The pagerank of the reception
  • The hierarchy of the site:
  • number of articles on the reception and on the category pages

A clear menu

  • Not too many categories or too many tags
  • Non-duplicated articles (I test one or two on the homepage often)
  • Seniority (but I do not do it every time)
  • The graphic charter (purely subjective criterion will you say to me)

Presence of nofollow and other redirections to the con

And I’m very curious about how you choose your CP sites, especially when you know the time it takes to write without spinning software.

Write your press release

We are not going to reinvent the wheel, and that’s also the aspect where you ask yourself the least questions. you will therefore address it in a rather succinct way.

For you, a good press release must have several qualities:

  • Unique content
  • A sufficiently long press (at least 750 characters in my opinion)
  • Relevant content for the visitor
  • Some links with beautiful anchors
  • Content that includes the keywords you are targeting
  • A hierarchy of content

In short, nothing more or less than content published on your own site. If you have other ideas / methods for writing, I’m interested.

Boost its content after publication?

This is the point that caught my attention, and that pushed me to write this article: imagine that I publish today a press release on a site, and that it is validated in the following days. What are you doing next?

In asking this question, we want to say, will you try to get this press release back into the engines as well, creating a new link to it? Is it worth it? Does this really give more weight to the content and links contained in the CP?

You will be getting the best dealings here now.

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